Daily Worksheet Ideas and Assessment for Death on The Needle

1. You can assign a word you would like them to define by reading the text only.
2. The student writes down the words unknown to him/her in each particular chapter.

 This is your assessment tool.  Create a rubric that reflects the type of  literacy skills you hope to see used at your level. 
The answer should be in proper sentence form.

 This is a high level question that requires the student to state information from the text and explain the connection. 

Title question
 The teacher has options here for hearing the students’ opinions.  It can be in a large or small group discussion after reading the chapter. 
The teacher can evaluate on a one to one basis by asking a student to explain their reasons orally. 
The reasons for choosing yes or no can be printed on the back of the sheet.

Character Attributes
 Assess whether the student has been able to extrapolate the   events in the text that demonstrate a particular attribute.  

Using the information effectively
Assess whether the student can internalize the information on attributes and put it into present and future actions.  


Daily Worksheet Ideas